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andginja Web3: Exploring the Future of Decentralized Technologies

What is Web3?

Web3 is a new iteration within the World Wide Web and is described as the internet's future. It is essentially a concept that wraps the concepts of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to power its overall reputation in the business/technology fields.

The real innovation in this premise is the conceptualization of a decentralized world where typical corporate powers are delegated to everyone. This can be achieved by implementing a token-based economy, where overall governance is measured by tokens, usually in the form of Cryptocurrencies.

These new cryptocurrencies are usually anchored on Blockchain Technology, a system known for being difficult to change or hack, making it a very transparent source of truth. This notion of immutability allows everyone to adopt a system that is reliable and usually managed by decentralized entities, which reinforces the concept of power distribution.

This whole environment started gaining traction, which led to the substantial adoption of all entities within this ecosystem, allowing technological concepts such as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) to flourish.

NFTs are essentially unique digital tokens representing a piece of something, usually represented through media content, that take profit from the immutability obtained through Blockchain Technology to infer ownership of those tokens. NFTs are currently being used across multiple industries, including spaces such as arts, ticketing, general collectibles, value transactions, and more.

In an art collection, for example, tokens issued by the said artist are uniquely linked to the collection deployed by the artist. Even if there are malicious duplicates, none other will be attached to the original contract that the artist created, granting full ownership transparency and clarity.

If words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Punks and Apes are familiar to you, you are in the right place! Welcome to the Web3 space and I hope you enjoy your stay!

My web3 experience

NFT Artist

NFT artist since february 2021. Entered the space through one of the only platforms with exclusive invites at the time - Foundation, and sold my first piece within two days of joining the space. Pieces are based in my photography content, and I currently have the pieces listed. You can find the collections below.

Discord Manager, Bot Developer and Security Advisor

Ended up using my technological context to empower NFT communities and artists. Experience in doing Discord configuration, building Discord bots from scratch and providing security advisory services to those communities in order to them safe.

Project Manager

With the experience gathered in the field mentioned before, ended up being appointed as Lead Manager to an NFT project that grossed multiple millions of dollars in trading volume, granting it exclusive listings in the top NFT marketplaces, like NiftyGateway, Makersplace or Coinbase NFT. Left the project due to lack of alignment with the founding team.

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andginja Deluxe

The genesis photography collection

andginja Deluxe is my genesis photography collection. It is preceded by two photo montages that I listed (and one of them sold within two days of joining the NFT space) but this was the first real iteration of my works.

This collection features my premium selection of my best shots between the years of 2017 and 2020, featuring uniquely edited pieces that defined my journey through growing on Instagram and on the photography space.

This collection represents the balance of 3 years of photography and everything that it involves - New discoveries, learning a lot, and also creative blocks and reinventions.

All holders of this collection get my deepest thankfulness and are recognized as being my genesis collectors in the web3 space.

Owning this collection enables unique priority and support on my tech products, such as Discord bots or others.

Holders of this collection will be able to use the tokens as utility, in features that will be built in this web page.

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andginja City Collection Alpha

The first custom contract photography collection

Collection City Alpha is a collection that features some of my best city photography pieces of the year 2021.

This collection is also my first collection that is built using a custom contract from Manifold, which allows for all tokens being displayed on my own custom contract, allowing for further future-proofing in terms of possible products that might be built around the collection

2021 was a very important year for me as it marked the final year to achieve my master's course, and therefore demanded a lot from myself.

In the meantime, 2021 was also the year in which I started posting every single day, starting january 1st, which resulted in 365 different posts.

With this, 2021 also marked the year I was nationally recognised as being in the top 600 Instagram accounts in terms of average interactions in all niches, which relates to a top 5 ranking across all Portugal in the photography niche.

Owning this collection enables unique priority and support on my tech products, such as Discord bots or others.

Holders of this collection will be able to use the tokens as utility, in features that will be built in this web page.

Tech Enquiries

Discord Management

I am able to create and configure discords in a planned, scalable, secure and professional manner. I am the Discord Manager for artists such as @vhils1 and projects such as @punk6529's OM.

Discord bots

I have experience in creating Discord bots/services from scratch to provide new features to communities or to improve the server's security standards. Bots already created include 'GM streak counters', 'Name recognizer auto-banner', 'NFT Collection Sales Tracker', 'Complex Auto-Roles', and others. I am also always willing to create more services to diversify my contributions to this space.

Security Advisory

Most of my tech products as a Discord Manager serve the role of creating a better and safer experience to communities. With more than a year of NFT projects experience, I also provide security advisory for projects, usually connected to the previously mentioned services.

Let's talk!

If you have any follow-up actions from this section, feel free to contact me on my socials or even in Discord, where you can add my user andginja#9471!

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