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andginja - Software Engineer & Photographer

Software Engineer, City & Travel Photographer, Web3 & NFT Specialist

Explore the world of a full-stack software engineer, travel and cityscape photographer with 20K+ Instagram followers, and Web3/NFT exposure. Discover captivating photography, engaging content, and innovative solutions. By fusing a passion for technology, visual storytelling, and the cutting edge of Web3, I provide a unique perspective on the digital world for businesses and individuals. Connect, collaborate, and be inspired as you explore this multifaceted digital universe, ensuring that industry keeps evolving.

Software Engineering

Strong background in both backend and frontend architectures. Collaborated with hypergrowth companies such as Outsystems and Cazoo, contributing to digital disruption and serving millions of customers globally. Specialist in performance optimization, observability, and SEO automation to deliver top-notch software solutions.


Explore a stunning collection of over 1,500 curated, edited, and shared photographs and reels on Instagram, amassing 20,000+ followers and millions of views and interactions. Focused on travel and cityscape photography, capturing the beauty and hidden gems of Lisbon and Portugal, while providing valuable insights for businesses and travelers.

Content Creation

Experience in content creation since 2009 in various forms of digital expression, including image creation, music production, mixing, and innovative photography edits. Combining creativity with technical expertise and consistently producing engaging, visually appealing, and business-oriented content.

Web3 & NFTs

Actively engaging with the Web3 revolution and impacting the NFT and blockchain space in multiple ways. Creating photography NFTs, working as a developer, project manager, and Discord security advisor, exploring new opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital world, positioning businesses at the forefront of Web3 technology.

Travel, Photography, and Programming Guides

Delve into comprehensive guides covering various aspects of travel, photography, and programming. These resources offer in-depth knowledge, tips, and insights, helping businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of their respective fields.

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