André Ginja

Software Developer and Digital Content Creator

From Lisbon, Portugal, André is connected to the digital world since a very young age.

Everything started in 2009 with image creations, and through the years the shift turned into fields such as Music production and mixing and Video editing.

In 2017 André bought his first DSLR camera and started exploring and taking pictures, posting them into his Instagram page. Nowadays, André tries to portray his visions with a post every single day on his page.

Adding to this connection with the digital world, André is also graduated in Computer Engineering and has a special taste for Brand Management. Combining all these factors results in André using Photography to develop and manage his own brand andginja.


"I see a world where technology is global and used everywhere."


"My mission is to contribute to a better world by being able to apply my knowledge to mine and other people's days."

Through the numbers


Instagram Posts


Years of digital experience


Years of Pro Photography


Brand Partnerships


Software Development

Bachelor's and Master's (almost!) in Computer Engineering.

Brand Management

Experience in Digital Brand planning, creation, analysis and management.


More than four years of experience as a city and travel Photographer.

Photography Editing

Speciallized experience in image editing and color grading.

Video Editing

Experience with video editing software.

A Digital Do-It-All

Never afraid of taking a step in the digital world.

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