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About me

André Ginja is a Software Engineer and a City & Travel Photographer from Lisbon, Portugal. A technology lover involved in the Crypto/Web3 space.

The connection with everything-digital started in 2009 with image creations, and through the years the shift turned into fields such as Music production and mixing and Video editing. In 2017 André bought his first DSLR camera and started exploring and taking pictures, posting them into his Instagram page. Nowadays, André tries to portray his visions with a post every single day on his page.

He has a Bachelor's (BSc) and a Master's (MSc) degree in Computer Science that gave him enough tools to broaden the horizons and try to create everything he wants. With the digital context acquired some years ago and with a powerful tool like programming at his side, everything is possible with a bit of effort.

André currently works as a Software Engineer but he also diversifies his interests off-work. There, he produces personal programming projects (like this page), takes photos, creates content, and takes a deep dive in the cryptocurrency/web3 space.

The interest for the Web3 space is easy to explain: A future-oriented technology in which he can be everything he likes to be: An artist, a programmer, and to also have management responsabilities.

Therefore, André works tirelessly on this space as a hobby, by creating his own NFT pieces with his photos, and also assuring core management responsabilities in the space. He is currently empowering NFT communities with Discord management, through configuration and security advisory, to keep community members safe by providing contextual knowledge or even by creating custom Discord bots from scratch, allowing communities to have refined methods to deal with malicious activity, or just provide unique server experiences members can enjoy.

Lastly, André also inherently led an NFT collection that grossed multiple million dollars in trading volume, and was able to get the collection to the top marketplaces in the space through business management, but ended up leaving the project due to lack of alignment with the founding team, and deciding to focus on other ventures that better represent his will to evolve in this space.

Work featured in

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Software Engineering

Experience with Backend and Frontend architectures. Professional experience in hypergrowth companies that fight to digitally disrupt their industries such as Outsystems and Cazoo.


Experienced photographer since 2017, with more than 1400 hand-picked, edited and posted photos on my Instagram account, where most photos relate to City and Travel content. Want to know what to do in Lisbon and Portugal? You are covered.

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Content Creation

Creating digital content since 2009, passed through image creation, music production and mixing, and ended up using the image editing skills to create unique photography edits.


Impacting the NFT/Web3 space through various perspectives - Creating photography NFTs, and serving the community as a Developer, a Project Manager and a Discord Security Advisor.

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